The first oil well was drilled by Drake in Pennsylvania, USA in 1859, thus launching an oil bonanza that according to many may scarcely last 200 years. The era of cheap oil may soon come to an end. Some serious researchers think we have already reached the point where oil production has peaked world-wide. As the supply of cheap oil cannot keep up with the constant increase in demand and our search for oil becomes even more desperate and polluting there is only one way oil prices can go: up, up, up and up...

So much of our modern society is based on cheap oil: nearly all transport (cars, lorries, planes etc) use oil: Plastic is made of oil, the food in our supermarkets will run out in 4-5 days if new supplies cannot be delivered. Without oil our modern society will come to a standstill.

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  • asparin
  • bags
  • balloons
  • bandages
  • candles
  • carpets
  • cosmetics
  • creditcards
  • fertilisers
  • Fuel for cars
  • petrol
  • phones
  • roads
  • toothpaste
  • tyres
  • umbrellas



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