MERCi are part of a consortium called ENTHUSE and is made up MERCi, Action for Sustainable Living and Cooler. The consortium are responsible for developing a community action plan to make West Gorton a more sustainable place to live, work and play. This will involve producing a community capacity audit and engaging with key stakeholders to produce an action plan for key environment improvements that cover Energy, Waste, Greenspace and Transport. The action plan will also cover how to develop the communities capacity to embrace environmental improvements so that they fully benefit from low carbon living.

With grant support from Manchester City Council’s Environmental Strategy Team the ENTHUSE consortium will be engaging local stakeholder organisations to maximise engagement of, and support for residents to help deliver:

  • Improved home energy efficiency
  • More local growing and care for greenspace
  • Greener travel
  • Greater reuse, recycling and composting

Over the next 10 years West Gorton will see the construction of 1,000 new homes, refurbishments to existing homes and new community facilities and improved greenspace. The City Council recognises that if it is to realise its vision for a low-carbon sustainable community, the active involvement and empowerment of residents is essential.
Over the coming months the ENTHUSE consortium will be working closely with the City Council and the neighbourhood management company Guinness Northern Counties to ensure a living, breathing plan is developed