Communities all around the UK are facing up to the challenges of living in a changing world by engaging in small sacale positive action. People are exploring what our actual needs are and how we can get most of them from the local area - our food, our energy, our spiritual and cultural nourishment.

We need to regenerate local food systems as well as support fair trade and small scale farmers overseas for the goods we need to import, develop locally controlled renewable energy sources, support local farmers and food producers, help more people to get more access to land, demand cheap public transport, reduce our consumption, re-educate each other in useful crafts and skills, reduce our waste and deal with whats left locally .

It's all possible. It's going to be a lot of work and our lives are going to be different. It's time to take control and stop thinking of how dreadful the future will be and join the thousands of communities around the world who are taking the steps to make an amazing, fulfilling and sustainable future a reality.

Transition Towns - An Inspiring Way Forward



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