Sustainability support for forward thinking organisations

The message is clear. Sustainability is not just good for the environment, it is good for business.

Operating sustainably; environmentally, socially and economically makes sense. It saves you money and resources, increases your credibility with funders and commissioners and wins the hearts and minds of your service users and customers as well as your staff and board.

MERCi can offer you specialist support by helping you to implement sustainable practices into your business strategy. MERCi specialise in benchmarking your organisation under eight key areas of sustainability. To learn more about these eight areas of sustaiability click on the images to the right.

Partnership and Promotion
buildings and local neighbourhood
energy and water
Purchasing and Procurement


Engaging staff, volunteers and your board in the process, right from the start. We recognise that involvement = ownership = more stuff gets done!

Creative ways of communicating the sustainability agenda through learning tools
and group discussion.

Tailoring support to your requirements so where organisations face common problems we can help share best practice and generate solutions.

Saving you time. We do all the initial research into how your organisation can
operate more sustainably.

Not being your usual auditors! We recognise that the last thing you want turning up at your offices is a sullen faced auditor with a clipboard tutting at the sight of a
piece of paper in the waste-bin! You are at the start of the journey, we get it.

We have supported many organisations to operate more sustainably, such as; Age Concern, The Wildlife Trust, British Red Cross, Big Life Group, Victoria Baths Trust, Adullam Homes HA, GMCVO, Tameside 3rd Sector Coalition, Rochdale CVS, Breakthrough UK, Bolton CAB, Unlimited Potential, Quaker Friends Meeting House


Rochdale CVS

"Most helpful! The audit was very thorough, and is proving very useful incompiling our action plan. The combination of advice and encouragement is very supportive. One strength of the programme especially relevant to an ‘umbrella’ voluntary sector organisation such as us is the broad approach with areas such as Inclusion and Participation, Partnership and Promotion as well as the practical topics such as recycling and energy saving. MERCi has saved us a lot of time and have been a pleasure to work with - I wish we had ‘found’ them even sooner."

Tameside 3rd Sector Coalition

"Overly this has been an excellent experience and of high standards. Merci has applied a clear direction towards an organisation planning a sustainable action plan and would love to support then in rolling the service out within Tameside."


Full sustainability benchmarking

“We would definitely encourage any voluntary / community organisation to take up MERCi’s offer of a sustainability audit. It’s a pain-free and enjoyable process that will definitely bring benefits to your organisation” Alison Tansey, Business Improvement Coordinator, Manchester Alliance for Community Care (MACC)

Package includes:

  • An introductory workshop using creative communication techniques to engage everyone
  • FREE resources and toolkits
  • A Sustainability report and certificate
  • Support on how to implement your sustainability actions

Contact Claire for more details.