About a third of assessed species worldwide are currently threatened with extinction in the wild. The greatest threat right now is habitat loss. Agriculture, grazing, and urban development divide and destroy terrestrial habitats. In the oceans, fishing trawlers scrape the sea floor while aquaculture eats up mangroves and other sensitive coastal regions.

Climate change will pose an increasing threat to biodiversity in coming decades. Conservationists set up the current global network of nature reserves with today's climate in mind. Plants and animals attempting to migrate with the changing conditions may find themselves in human territory with nowhere to go.

Click on the images to the right to find out more about the main threats to biodiversity or the images below for info on the most endangered species.

Climate Change
  • amur leopard
  • Axolotl
  • Bacterian Camel
  • Baishan Fir
  • Bastard Quiver Tree
  • Blue-throated Macaw
  • capa rose
  • ethiopian wolf
  • European Eel
  • Kooloaula
  • leatherback turtle
  • mongolian saiga
  • mountain gorilla
  • przewalski's horse
  • sumatran rhino
  • The Bamboo Lemur



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